Hampton, Winter and Glynn’s Property Department has a deep knowledge of Hong Kong’s property market, regulations and business culture.  This insight and experience serves a wide range of clients, including individuals, SMEs and local and overseas property investors and developers from Hong Kong, China and beyond.


HWG advises clients on property sales, acquisitions and leases. The firm works closely with many licensed banks in Hong Kong on mortgages of properties and can offer assistance in referring purchasers and houseowners to licensed banks for financing.


We have extensive experience in dealing with large developments involving the sales of multiple units in a residential, commercial or industrial complex. We work with property developers throughout the entire development process, from the early stage of land acquisition to the ultimate disposition of the development.


Practice areas:

  • Residential, commercial and industrial property sales and purchases
  • Mortgages and refinancing
  • Property development
  • Transfer of properties (voluntary winding up, pursuant to court order, trusts)
  • Property title investigation and reports
  • Leasing and tenancy matters


For enquiry, please contact Francis Rodrigues.